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Improvements to Processes list

Our latest update makes it easier to review status of all active Processes.

What is it?

Processes list is a favourite view for most our users. It makes so easy to see all active processes in one place and instantly spot status of each individual process:

But previously there was no way to see if any individual task inside process is being overdue or has a close due date.
Now you can easily spot if any tasks are at risk being overdue:

How do I use it?

This feature is automatically available in latest version of Metatask, you don't need to do anything. Tasks are marked in red by same rules as inside Task view:

  • If due date is today or tomorrow
  • If task is overdue already

Questions or suggestions?

Feel free to reach out at any time at natalia@metatask.io!
You can also contact me right inside Metatask using our messenger located in a right-bottom corner of screen.