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Mobile version of Metatask is here

Last month our team fully reworked Metatask user interface to make it look and work nicely on smartphones and tablets:

Screenshots of main screens on iPhone and Android

Need to reply to a comment? Fill in the form? Attach documents? Start a new process? You can do all this and more on the go, from a comfort of your smartphone.

More examples

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Have you ever needed to set task's due date based not on when a process starts, but rather on when its deadline?

  • Send welcome email 3 days before new employee starts?
  • Start Facebook ads 2 weeks before event takes place?
  • Checkin on a flight 1 day before flight?
  • Collect feedback 2 weeks before annual review?
  • Conduct exit interview 1 day before last date?

With new task due date configuration you can do all this. Here's how it will look like:

New due date field

Note, that it has only "calendar days" now, but we are going to add "business days" as well, so that you can use your company's business calendar and account for holidays.